How does Coachable work? (Coaches)

Coachable is a service that connects athletes with private coaches. Coachable allows private coaches to build, market and grow their coaching business. We provide online tools to simplify booking, scheduling and receiving payments for all private training sessions. In short, we make it easy for coaches to manage their private coaching business.

If you were to join coachable as a coach you would create a free online profile at coachable.com.au and that profile includes your coaching experience, your strengths, age groups and your coaching session plan. You then set your pricing that you will charge per hour along with your availability…. Once your profile is complete athletes can visit your online profile and they have the ability to book and pay for your private coaching sessions directly your profile. That money will be put directly into your bank account after your private coaching session is complete.

We strongly encourage successful athletes and qualified coaches to sign up with Coachable.


Coachable Guidelines and Expectations

In order for us to provide a quality experience to Coachable clients, we require coaches to:

  • Respond to client messages within 48 hours
  • Respond to booking requests within 24 hours
  • Contact clients swiftly after confirmation of booking
  • Arrive on time (or early) for scheduled coaching sessions
  • Maintain ongoing communication with clients who have booked coaching sessions
  • Keep availability and location up to date
  • Give clients at least 24 hours’ notice in the event of a cancellation

For the safety and principle of our association, we do not allow:

  • Exchange of direct contact information with before a coaching session has taken place
  • Accepting payments from Coachable clients outside of the Coachable platform
  • Encouraging Coachable clients to book training sessions with you outside of the Coachable platform
  • Unprofessional behaviour and/or communication with Coachable clients
  • Marking a training session complete that has not taken place
  • Providing false personal information
  • Offering a client experience that does not meet Coachable’s standards.

Are there any fees to be a Coach with Coachable?

There are no fees for coaches to create and manage an active profile on Coachable.

However, when a client is sent to you through Coachable, we deduct a 10% service fee. The Coachable service fees cover our insurance policy on all sessions, credit card processing, digital marketing and management.

Can clients contact me before booking sessions?


When you receive a message from a potential client, Coachable will send that message directly to your inbox and email (as well as notify you via text message, if that option is enabled).

As mentioned in the Guidelines, please make sure to respond within 24 hours. This is your chance to explain why you’re the right fit for your client’s coaching needs. It will also give you the opportunity to answer any questions that the client may have.

Responding to a client’s message is easy, simply click the link in the email or message directly from your inbox on coachable.com.au

Your phone number and email address contact will only be released to clients once they have booked a training session with you through Coachable. This also means that you won’t be able to send phone numbers, emails or links through the messaging system until a session has been booked. The purpose of this policy is to protect the privacy of coaches and clients, as well as ensuring that all parties are covered from a liability standpoint.

If on the off-chance a client requests to contact you directly by phone or email before they book sessions, we suggest that you remind them of this policy and offer to answer any question they have through the Coachable messaging system. It’s important that you also let them know that you will give them a call immediately after they book a session with you.

When a new client books training sessions, you’ll receive an email prompting you to Accept or Decline the Booking Request. This must be done within 48 hours.

Once you Accept the booking request, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the client’s contact details and any further details about the booking. At that point, you’ll be able to reach out to your client to confirm the date, time and location of your first session. Then you’ll be able to officially schedule the session through your dashboard.

Do I have to provide a location or facility for my coaching sessions?

Yes, our coaches are responsible for providing a facility or location for their coaching sessions.

Occasionally a client may suggest a location or facility that is a convenient option. Coaches are welcome to run sessions at a location of the client’s choosing. However, please be mindful that most clients expect the coach to provide a training location.

We are aware that acquiring a facility is one of the biggest challenges coaches face in order to run a successful coaching session. As a result, we’re attempting to compile a list of recommended facilities and offer discounted rates at partner facilities in the near future.

We strongly recommend that you specify in your Coachable profile whether or not facility fees are included in your rates. Many coaches have found it beneficial to include facility fees in their session’s rates to take care of any added costs. Alternatively you may choose to specify that clients will have to pay a fee directly to the facility at the time of the session.

Why is it important to make sure sessions are booked through Coachable?

There are lots of reasons why it’s important to ensure that a client books sessions with you through Coachable before a training session takes place.

  • In case a client doesn’t show up for a scheduled session, Coachable protects you with a 24-hour cancelation policy which will allow you to be paid for the time you’ve allocated to the session.
  • You will never have to worry about asking for money from your client, Coachable processes all credit card payment from the client prior to the training session. The payments are then directly deposited into your bank account.
  • Every time you complete a session through Coachable, your Coach Score increases. As your Coach score increases, your profile will rank higher in the Coachable search results, and in turn grow your coaching business.

Can I accept cash or cheque payments from a client?

You may not accept cash or cheque payments from a client on any occasion. As Coach on Coachable, you agree that all payments with Coachable clients are processed through Coachable’s payment program. This requires clients to purchase training sessions using a credit or debit card.

Please be mindful that choosing to plan sessions with Coachable clients outside of the Coachable booking platform will result in you no longer being covered by our liability insurance or money back guarantee. Your Coachable account may also be subject to suspension.

If on the off chance a client requests to make a payment by cash or cheque, please remind them that by paying through Coachable they will be covered by our insurance and money-back guarantee. This will protect their purchase if a problem arises and they aren’t able to complete their sessions. If a client has any hesitations about purchasing sessions, you should let them know that our Support Team is always available to address any questions or concerns they may have.


How do I become a Coachable Coach?

If you would like to become a Coach at Coachable, please proceed to our apply to coach page.

Signing up to be a coach is quick and easy, plus it’s free to have a profile on Coachable.

After submitting your application, our team will review and assess it. You will then receive an email notifying you of whether your profile has been approved or if we need more information prior to approval. Please allow 2-3 days for notification of approval.

Once approved you will be provided with instructions for logging in to your account and setting up your Coachable profile. It’s that simple!

Please note, we are unable to accept applications of those whose experience falls short of our coaching standards. Thank you for understanding.

I’m currently located outside of NSW, can I become a Coachable Coach?

We’re thrilled to hear that you’re interested in becoming a Coach at Coachable! We currently only operate in NSW however we’ll be expanding to other Australian states in the near future. Until then, please join the waiting list by emailing your information to [email protected] and stay informed by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We looking forward to having you as a part of the Coachable team in the near future.

For further enquiries, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Can I coach more than one sport on Coachable?

Of course!

To sign up to coach more than one sport on Coachable simply sign into your account, and click the “Apply to Coach” link at the top of the page. You’ll need to fill out some basic information about your coaching experience and submit it for a short approval process. This additional sport will then be added to your profile page and Coachable clients will be able to book sessions with you.


How do I grow my business through Coachable?

There are a few simple steps that will allow you to take full advantage of Coachable!

1. Ensure that your profile is complete

Make sure that you’ve completed all the steps in finishing your profile. This will include uploading a profile Photo, action photos, adding group sessions & promoting your specialties.

Coaches who complete their profile see a significant increase in leads and bookings.

2. Keep your pricing and availability up to date

Be sure to visit the “Profile” tab on your Coachable dashboard to review your session rates and packages. Here you’ll be able to make changes to your pricing at any time you like. Please remember to review our fee structure and set your rates accordingly.

It’s also important to check that your availability it up to date and accurate, this can be found in the “Profile” tab.

3. Respond promptly to all messages and leads

It’s very important to respond to all potential clients within 24 hours. Doing so will significantly increase the likelihood that they’ll carry through with booking you as their coach.

You’ll receive an email from us when you receive a new message or job lead (as well as notify you via text message, if that option is enabled).

Responding in easy, simply reply directly to the email or login to the website and visit your “Inbox”

4. Promote your profile

  • Invite client (outside of Coachable) to book sessions with your through Coachable
  • Create a Gumtree ad to draw more interest to your profile
  • Share your profile on social media to spread the word
  • Be creative!

A client sent me a message, how do I reply?

It’s simple!

You can reply directly from your Coachable message inbox.

Or reply from the email that is sent to you by clicking the link in the email, it will take you to your Coachable message inbox where you can reply directly to the client.

It’s very important that you respond to client messages promptly. This will increase the likelihood of success in your business and also provide the client with a great experience.

I received a Booking Request. Now what?

It’s important to keep in mind that you have 48 hours to Accept or Decline a client’s booking request before it expires.

You have several options once you’ve received a new booking request:

  • Accept the booking right away – you’ll have 48 hours to Accept or Decline, however a faster response ensures a better client experience. Once accepted, it is your responsibility to get in contact with the client to plan the session and discuss their goals and expectations.
  • Decline the booking request within 24 hours if for some reason you are unable to accept the booking.
  • If you would like to get in contact with the client before accepting the booking request, simply message the client from your inbox on the website and await their response. Please don’t forget that the Booking Request will still expire 48 hours after it was submitted.

If you Accept a booking request, it is your obligation to reach out to your client. We will automatically send you their phone number so that you are able to get in touch.

We advise that you discuss your athlete’s goals and expectations with them prior to the first session taking place. Alternatively, you may want to set aside some time at the beginning of the first session to go over this.

Please remember to mark the sessions as “completed” in your dashboard after the session occurs. This will inform us that you’re ready to receive payment for that session.

Why is it important to schedule sessions using Coachables scheduling tool?

It is important to schedule sessions using our scheduling tool for a number of reasons.

  1. It greatly reduces the possibility of any miscommunication. It will be clear to everyone when and where the sessions are taking place.
  2. We can automatically send you and your client a reminder leading up to an upcoming session if you schedule your sessions through your dashboard.
  3. If your client is a no show, we’ll have a record of when the session was supposed to take place and you can take advantage of our cancellation policy.
  4. It allows for the best customer service. If we have a record of the session and your client has any issues or questions it helps us out immensely.

After you confirm a client’s booking your next move will be to arrange the date, time and location of your training session. After that has been determined you can schedule the session from the “Training Sessions” tab of your dashboard

I completed a session with a client. What happens now?

Nice work! Let’s get you paid.

After a session is over it is the coach’s job to mark the session as completed. To mark a session complete visit the “Training Sessions” tab of your dashboard and click the “Session Completed” button next to each completed session. You should only mark a session as complete after the session occurs.

Coachable will issue a payment via direct bank transfer once a coach marks the session complete.

Direct bank transfer is a safe and secure option for receiving payment directly to your chequing account.

The money will be in your account approximately 2-3 business days after you mark a session complete. After a session is marked complete Coachable automatically issues payments within 48 hours. The funds will usually post to your account approximately one business day from when the payment is issued dependent upon your bank.

A few things to note after you mark a session complete:

  • You need to provide feedback for your client on how the session went and what they need to keep working on.
  • Your client will have an opportunity to leave you a review for your profile.
  • You’ll get paid! Coachable will issue your payment 48 hours after you mark each session complete; the payment will then arrive in your bank account 1-2 business days after payment is issued

What if I’m unavailable to coach for a period of time?

To easy! You can put your business on hold anytime with our ‘Vacation Mode.’

When enable vacation mode it will stop clients from being able to book sessions with you. So if you are headed out of town or just too busy please enable ‘Vacation Mode’ on your dashboard under the “Account” tab.

To enable Vacation Mode, visit the “Account” tab of your dashboard, check the box that says “Enable Vacation Mode” and then click “Save.” You can disable this option at any time.

What is Coachable’s cancelation policy?

You are protected at Coachable with with a 24-hour cancelation policy in case a client does not show up for a scheduled session. Your time is valuable and this policy allows you to be paid for the time you’ve set aside.

You are in control of this policy. You are not required to mark the session complete Depending on the client’s circumstance you may wish to reschedule and not charge them.

If the clients arrive late we recommend that you use the remaining time to the best of your ability to deliver a great session. If they do not show up at all we recommend you to call your client to understand what happened.

Be sure to use our scheduling tool in your dashboard. That way, if your client doesn’t show up, we’ll have a record of when the session was supposed to take place.

Can I refer my existing clients or other coaches to Coachable?

Of Course! We encourage it.

Your client will receive 10$ off there first session with the your unique promo code when you invite a client to Coachable.

Bring your clients across to Coachable to manage your business like a pro. Make the most of our payment processing, simple scheduling tools, and more. Get started by clicking “Invite a Client” in the My Coachable tab of your Coachable dashboard!

Know any awesome coaches? You can invite them to join Coachable and earn a $10 credit for your account. Get started by visiting the “Refer a Coach” page in your Coachable dashboard today!

Can I train multiple athletes during my Coachable session?

The choice is yours!

A client will have the option to book a group sessions with you unless you have not set up group packages.

You can set up and customize your group session options in the “Profile” tab of your dashboard. Scroll down to where it says “Edit Your Pricing” then add and set your rates for 2, 3 and 4-athlete packages.

Click “Save” after you make any changes.


How do I set my session rates and duration?

You can set your session length and price to whatever you would like. Go to the “Profile” tab in your Coachable dashboard. Then simply scroll down and click “Edit Your Pricing”

Then set the duration, base session price and multi-session package prices you would like to offer.

To edit your small group training prices, just scroll down to where it says “Set Up Group Sessions” at the bottom of the page and adjust your rates and number of athletes (up to 4).

Just be sure to click “Save” after you make any changes.

If you coach multiple sports on Coachable, you will have to set your pricing options individually for each sport.

How do I get paid for my Coachable sessions?

Coachable will issue a payment via direct bank transfer once a coach marks the session complete. To mark a session complete visit the “Training Sessions” tab of your dashboard and click the “Session Completed” button next to each completed session.

Direct bank transfer is a safe and secure option for receiving payment directly to your chequing account.

The money will be in your account approximately 2-3 business days after you mark a session complete. After a session is marked complete Coachable automatically issues payments within 48 hours. The funds will usually post to your account approximately one business day from when the payment is issued dependent upon your bank.

How do I set up direct deposit?

Easy! Head to the “Account” tab on your Coachable dashboard and fill in your bank account details and click the “Save” button. You can change and update this information at any time.

Do I need to report my Coachable earnings on my tax return?

To keep it simple the answer is, “Yes, you do need to report your income.”

However, tax documentation will only be provided by Coachable under certain circumstances.

Whether or not this applies to your yearly earnings summary is accessible at all times in the “Account” tab of your dashboard.

For your tax status and reporting requirements please consult a tax professional.