Coachable Engineering is an innovative consulting group exclusively focused on providing specialist engineering services. We complement traditional engineers and architects and deliver technical input to improve the quality and efficiency of today’s buildings.



Our approach to the envelope is to look primarily at the vision that has been created by the building designer and to understand the story being told. In realising the concept, we develop a creative narrative to begin the process of delivering a technical solution to an architectural vision.

There are a number of factors our team takes in to consideration including aesthetics, structural and mechanical engineering, material science, procurement, fabrication and constructability.  Through a detailed understanding of these specialised areas, we are able to develop elegant and commercially viable solutions to architectural challenges that are constantly being refined. Such solutions can be established with the employment  of advanced design and engineering tools such as specifically enhanced software and 3D modelling, technology advancements in materials, and often simply by applying common sense design principles that have been rigorously tested over time.

Our philosophy is centred around finding solutions that cost less, last longer and make buildings more efficient. We are committed to collaboration with other like-minded designers, with the experience and knowledge to understand that successful collaboration will lead to a successful outcome.

Featured Projects


This 70m high office tower in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, was renovated by GAD Architecture. We worked with to provide full process façade consulting services including design, specification, tender, and shop drawing review and construction supervision. 


Eastland Shopping Centre, Melbourne, Australia, a metropolitan shopping precinct, has undergone a $655 million redevelopment, doubling in size to transform the centre into one of Melbourne’s most progressive urban shopping, entertainment and leisure destinations.


The redevelopment of the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre located in the heart of Geelong has created a unique and visually striking space for the public to enjoy, one that breaks the mould of a traditional library.


Al Wasl

Twin office towers frame Al Wasl Plaza, a central hub for the Expo 2020 Dubai that combines breathtaking design, innovative technology, and an intricate domed trellis with a huge immersive projection experience.



This distinctive tower on the edge of Melbourne’s central business district was designed by Cox Architecture, with the design intent being to create a graceful, sculptural façade that captures views, controls light and allows fresh air.

Huawei Flagship Store

Huawei’s first Flagship Store, which opened in 2019,  is in the heart of heart of Shenzhen’s MixC World shopping mall. The building design was inspired by an inverted wine glass and the three-storey building adopts the design concept of a “City Square”


Coachable Private Soccer Coach Review

“Complex scenery systems were not a high priority, but the highest quality acoustics and audio visual systems were essential. Coachable Engineering services provided the client and end users with an optimal theatre at a reasonable cost, that can also adapt to the future needs of the school through careful infrastructure allocation”


Coachable Review

” Amazing service!. The environmental ‘crown’ that tops the building is a made up of a fretwork-like pattern of crystalline blades that articulate with the glass below. The crown houses photo-voltaic cells and water harvesting facilities along with spa pools, a landscaped skydeck and skypods.”

About Us

Coachable Engineering is a unique, multi-disciplinary team of professionals who are passionate about making a positive contribution to our built environment. We are a collective of experienced architects, designers, engineers and contractors who work both independently and in partnership to form a holistic approach to the services that we offer. We believe that our respective areas of expertise can be integrated to allow seamless interdisciplinary synergy to create buildings that are more relevant to our evolving society.

Established in 2010, with offices in Sydney, Brisban and Melbourne Coachable Engineering has developed a diverse international body of work that includes partnerships with some of the most creative and celebrated architects around the world, resulting in a wealth of experience in different project types and scales.

We are focused on design-led engineering, providing technical and comprehensive solutions that thoughtfully and creatively consider aesthetics, engineering, cost, procurement and sustainability driving towards a building that is sensitive and inspirational within its socio-cultural context.


To be globally renowned for inspiring the next generation of buildings, today. To us it matters.


To make a contribution to future generations by connecting creatively to develop holistic solutions, for better quality lives, now and for the future.

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