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More About Me

I have been successfully coaching Athletics for over 20 years focussing on development and technique and most importantly style.. I have coached highly successful Athletes. I have worked with ages 7 to 18. I have all the coaching qualifications and love coaching of all age groups. I love to give students the best opportunity to succeed and have fun while playing sport.

I have successfully competed in many championships. I was the fastest man in Rugby for many years. I was a professional Rugby league player with the NRL. I was a Australian beach sprint finalist and have coached Athletic runners for

National Championships.

A typical session would be planned with warm up and discussion on where the player was at and where they were struggling. The session would be planned in different areas of where we need to improve their game. The session would focus on building belief and having fun while training. I would study and discuss styles and techniques and ways to improve styles. The session would also include improving actions.


Track and Field Gary M.

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