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I have 15 years experience in Tennis coaching from beginners to Advanced competion players and of all ages. I have coached at various clubs In Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and in the south east of england. I typically work with children but am highly experienced with Adult coaching aswell and also competion players as I've competed on the ITF Circuit as a junior.

I received a full tennis scholarship to the prestigious Bolleteri Tennis Academy at the age of 13. I represented the UK as a junior and won the U14 nationals. I was ranked 3 in the UK U14 and top 10 U16 AND U18. I reached the top 100 in the world as a junior and made the 3rd round of the prestigious Orange bowl U14. I also represented the south east of England as a junior for 3 years and won my county championship u10, u12, u14 and u16.

I usually focus on one stroke for each session. Starting with forehands, I work on the grip, Feet position, the swing, point of contact and follow through. I feed a basket of balls and then discuss the form. What went well and what can be improved. We will then do some light rallying and work on specifically what needs to be improved on with the swing.


Tennis William M.

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