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I have 10 years coaching experience. I have coached all levels from 2 and a half yr olds, 17yr old College sponsorship applicants to 45 to 60yr old social and competition players. There has been no stone left unturned or untried in the pursuit to give someone more enjoyment and ability to play and improve at any age. I have worked for Love n Deuce: 2007 – 2012, Vince Barclay 2012: 2013 – 2014, Marc Dragan Coaching: 2015 – 2017.

I was ranked within the top 1000 as a 15yr old. I represented my University at Intervasity/College games where I attained One Bronze medal and 2 Gold medals, one Gold medal as Captain of the University team.

A basic and consistent approach is the best. New techniques and innovations have given the ability for any player to attain top spin, balance and position and a vast improvement in their level of tennis. I like to use the newest in innovation for its simplicity and ease to the player.


Tennis Nicholas O S.

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