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Having coached tennis, socc∊r & bask∊tball for over 10 years I fully understand the importance of coaching various ages from kids through to adults. Delivered coaching in such a way to progress kids, teens & adults on their terms.

Groups & individual lessons available. Currently, I hold a level 2 club pro qualification with tennis Australia.

I am qualified coaching juniors via the FFA socc∊r & have delivered hoop time junior

bask∊tball & intermediate ball for bask∊tball kids.

Penant junior pro

Currently coaching Melbourne wide as a professional tennis, Socc∊r & bask∊tball coach.

Have coached in schools, kindergartens as well as adult weekly tennis-Socc∊r training

Weekdays & weekend sessions available $20 per child in a group

Hot Shot's tennis for kids uses modified courts, lighter smaller racquets with lower compression balls that don't bounce as high.

A tennis skills based learning program for kids aged 4 -14 years old

putting fun into fundamental tennis for kids on their terms relatable and progressive coaching.

I have been running Kids & adult coaching sessions for 12 years now

passionate about adult 1 - 1 coaching small group development

how to reach your tennis goals, ace your serve, master your backhand or

compete with friend or family.

Coaching is catered for all levels, ages and abilities from 4 year old kids to

adult beginners, serious competitive players or veterans of the game there is a

pathway to ace your tennis ambitions on court

Cardio fitness based tennis is also available.


Tennis Mike S.

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