More About Me

Coaching experience entails to teaching clients from 5 years old right through to adults overs the last 5 years. I have worked predominantly in western sydney as a coach due to the clientele based around the area. However, i am flexible and able to travel.

Industry certifications include "Junior development training certificate" backed by tennis Australia. Along with that includes a Certificate 3 in sports coaching.

Represented school in a variety of sports including tennis, Athletics, cross country and So⊂⊂er over the years. I have also been involved with tennis for 10+ years now and competed at a local level.

As i am moreso a technical coach for tennis, a client can expect to gain knowledge about the technical points in executing their swing. The improvement comes as a result of them being taught the errors in their techniques and helping them to understand why things are going wrong and how to fix the issue. As i have learned over the years a 'a coaches role is to analyse and correct' a client.

I like to have sessions which are informative to the client but also helps me to improve as a coach. Moreso, these lessons incorporate having fun in the process because 'having fun whilst learning' is very important, especially in a individualistic sport like tennis. In terms of fixing improving a client, I like to try different ways to fix problems if need be to get a specific result.


Tennis Kwame W.

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