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I have been working with players for over 2 years now with my recent experience coming from teaching at the Sydney Uni sports & fitness tennis facility. I have coached a wide range of people starting from those who have never picked up a tennis racquet before to those who play tennis professionally. I have taught both children and adults in groups and private lessons and delivered noticeable results in a mere 5 sessions.

I have played the Junior ITF circuit across Asia as well as the AITA circuit where I held a top 100 rank. I have also led my City and State in various national level competition victories over the course of my 10-year tennis career. I have also played at the collegiate level with a team to various medals at the national level and continue to play club tennis to this date.

A typical session with me would last an hour and 5 minutes with the following blueprint:

0 to 5-minute mark - Warmup exercises

6 to 10-minute mark - Layout of the Ready position and tennis rules

11 to 20-minute mark - Working on contact point on the forehand and backhand side

21 to 30-minute mark - Rally across the court ( half court, full court)

31 to 45 Minute mark - Rally over the net (half court, 3 Quarter court)

46 minutes to 1 hour Mark - Basics of serving

1 hour 5-minute mark - Matchplay with an overview of the lesson

Apart from the blueprint shown above, I work on individual player according to their personal needs and modify the lesson accordingly.


Tennis Ishan Pratap K.

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