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I specialise in coaching beginner and intermediate athletes, one-on-one and in small groups.

More About Me

I have been coaching tennis to beginners and intermediate players of all ages since last year, first for Slice Tennis, and then privately through the Backyard Coach marketplace

As a tennis player, I was invited to compete at tennis tournaments for national (Australian) junior ranking points. I earned a Terrace Tennis medal from my high school, for representing the school for 5+ years as a player.

A typical session very much varies on the client, but the staples are dynamic stretching to begin with, followed by some light rallying, and then more specific drills, designed to improve the necessary aspects of a client's game. Towards the end of sessions, where possible, I try to incorporate match or match-like scenarios, so individuals can put their training into practice. I focus on all aspects of the tennis game, both on and off the court, in order to try and make my clients' training is as well-rounded and comprehensive as possible


Tennis Hamish K.

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