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PE teacher , with more than 10 years of experience teaching how to swim. I am professional , patient person who loves what I do . Could teach all ages from babies to adults .

My professional education is as a physical education teacher specialisesd in swimming Martial arts. I was a professional athlete in Taekwondo and I had national university awards.

It depends on the level of swimming abilities. I normally assess them first and start from there. Generally I do a warm up , focus on couple of skills , then a cool down.

In regards to babies and toddlers it is about water confidence and the lessons go trough a routine of games and lovely songs . A parent o carer needs to be in water with the child .

Children older that 3 , I take them myself and I go trough the process of water confidence developing their breathing , floating , kicking etc . According to their and abilities I would work towards stroke correction


Swimming Diana L.

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