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More About Me

I am currently the Victorian State Sprints and Relays Coach. I am currently completing my PhD in Sport Science. I have a Masters Degree in Exercise Science (strength and conditioning), Level 3 Personal Trainer Certification and a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Accreditation. I have worked with ΑFL, Teηnis, Cycling, Athletics, Netbɑll and Rowiηg as well as working at the Victorian Institute of Sport and then as the High Performance Manager at the Peninsula Waves.

I ran in the 400m Hurdles at the 2000 Olympic Trials and have been a Strength & Conditioning Coach for over 12 years with clients ranging from novice to elite. I have been lucky enough to achieve great success and surpassed all expectations in all of my roles I have undertaken with teams and clients.

For the majority of clients from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave, you will be training. Training is specifically designed for you to reach your goal. As my name is all about the results. For some clients (i.e. rehabilitation clients) this may mean no more aches or pains. I have extensive experience with high level techniques/lifts such as cleans and snatches as well as the core exercises of squat, bench press etc.


Strength and Conditioning Nathan B.

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