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My experience coaching athletes ranges from training youth tennis players to improve their speed and decision-making ability to training older triathletes and long-distance runners.

I have been involved at the elite level, and also trained players that are looking to break into their high school netball team.

My qualifications include a bachelor's degree in Sport & Exercise Science, as well as short courses in speed and agility, programme planning and biomechanical assessment.

As a player, I played semi-professional so⊂⊂er in England and currently run half-marathons. Sport really interests me, so I find myself working to get better at a range of sports to understand the different demands, especially the ones that I'm bad at! The latest one is surfing.

My sessions always involve mobility training to improve flexibility in the relevant areas. I believe that this is something that most athletes need to work on, to reduce the effect of training and competition on the body.

As a strength and conditioning coaching session, this is heavily dependant on your sport and your training goals. What you'll do as a high jumper will be very different to what you'll do as a rower. The session described below is typical of a speed and co-ordination based sport, such as netball or rugby.

After the warm-up, we would then go through some specific warm-up drills, focused toward activating certain muscles and increasing reactive speed and co-ordination. This part is necessary to get you in the best physical condition, so that you can benefit from the main part of the session.

The main body of the session would then involve exercises that increase your strength and power, such as short sprint work and/or resistance training. I like to include core training in my sessions during higher-intensity workouts as well.


Strength and Conditioning Kai B.

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