Kids, Teenagers, Adults


Strength and Conditioning for all ages in sports such as; Crick∊t, So⊂⊂er, Aussies Rules, Bask∊tball and Athletics.

More About Me

-Bachelors Degree in Sport Science,

-Head S&C at Footscray Crick∊t Club, Premier level crick∊t.

-Experienced in Personal Training.

Currently looking after strength and conditioning at Footscray Crick∊t Club. Tasks covered include writing S&C programs, season periodization, monitoring workloads, bio mechanical analysis, sprint training, fitness testing,GPS monitoring and U23 player development meetings.

For any sport to perform optimally it is critical to be in peak condition. You would be surprised how much improvements you will see with a structured schedule and an expert overlooking your S&C.

Over 10 years of crick∊ting experience at representative level and playing alongside many state level players.

Experienced also in cycling and athletics competition.

High amount of academic knowledge behind the physical demands of all sports. Would be most suited for aspiring professional athletes, particular teenagers.

-Consultation to determine athlete's goals and objectives. May include small amount of fitness testing and body composition tests.

-1 month written highly specific S&C plan to meet the personal attributes and schedule of the athlete.

-Additionally request can be made to accommodate technique, biomechanics and running gait analysis.


Strength and Conditioning Julian C.

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