In all ages and sports there are physical qualities that I can safely help you develop to improve your athleticism within your sport. My ability to help you is not restricted by your age, experience, sport, or position. Notably, my experience in collision sports has provided myself a deep understanding of defence and tackling skills, this is an area I am confident and competent in helping you improve also.

More About Me

I am a passionate strength and conditioning coach with seven years' experience, the last five years I have worked in professional rugby union and league. Throughout my coaching career I have always maintained working with a range of age groups from early teenagers to adults; in different stages of their career from amateur, pre-elite / semi-professional, and elite / professional; in both healthy and rehabilitation populations. The environments I have coached in have ranged from high schools, academies, as well as professional Super Rugby and NRL organisations.

I have graduated with Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Honours) degree, and currently working towards my Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

I am a Professional Level Coach and hold a Level 2 coaching certification with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA), in addition to being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS, NSCA). I also hold a range of industry certifications within athletic development including Functional Movement Screening, Olympic Weightlifting Coaching, and Sports Speed Coaching.

I grew up playing rugby league in Western Sydney from eleven years old, until I graduated from University I switched codes to gain a deeper understanding of the technical, tactical, mental and physical demands of the sport I was working in. I have always had an obsession with the training process in the preparation for sports competition, I consider myself very lucky to have made coaching and training my profession.

I can help in all areas of athletic development; including but not limited to strength, speed, power, agility, conditioning, balance, coordination, and injury resilience. I have a keen interest in long term athletic development, with a movement quality focused philosophy where strength, power, and other isolated qualities are milestones along the way towards achieving the real goal of improving athleticism. I pride myself on my mentoring and leadership qualities, as I am a big believer in the abilit of sport to develop personal character and I foster this personal development and process within training.

The first session / initial consultation will involve a screening and discussion process to identify what specific qualities or goals are to be worked towards in a safe manner with evidence based controlled progressions. This session will also involve a brief demonstration of how follow up sessions will run.

There are subtle changes in the sessions depending on the goals of the plan and the environment (field or weight room), however this is predominantly what will be involved in a session.

Warm Up (10 minutes): Mobility, Stability, and Movement Skill Development.

Drills or Complexes (45 minutes): Specific drills or exercises to develop the specific qualities to improve your athleticism/goals.

Session Recap (5 minutes): A short discussion to review the session, specifically what went well, and what do we need to improve on; this will improve the learning and training process.

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Strength and Conditioning Alexander K.

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