All positions i can work with. However my speciality is the Forward Line (Pockets, Half Forward and Full Forward) and Ruck

More About Me

Level 1 Coaching Accreditation AFL

1 year coaching experience AFL. Bankstown Bombers and Liverpool Eagles

Coaching Currently kids aged 6 - 16

Played Australian Rules Football from ages 6 - 17. The highest level i represented was when i was 13 i represented at a State Carnival for my area. i mainly played lower tier football.

Won 2 Best and Fairest while playing Aussie Rules.

My session plans would demonstrate advanced work in the positional aspects of the game (noted positions below). Mainly work on Stamina, Endurance, Pace and IQ (The 4 Main Qualities of a Player). Obviously teaching the skills is very important and once that is maintained the 4 main qualities can be obtained.

My session plan would consist of Kicking Accuracy, Player Positioning, Sprint and Endurance work and most importantly drills that are fun.


Rugby AFL Ryan D.

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