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Midcourt and Defence

More About Me

Typically work with young children (from prep to year 9). Currently volunteer as a coach to kids aged 7-10. Have previously coached at primary schools around Melbourne as well as coaching younger year levels in high schools.

Was a representative of the Victorian Netball Churches Association (Yarra Valley Ariels) which is a Victorian representative netball team, where I received the Most valuable player award in 2012. I also played for my high school where I was appointed captain.

Depending on the age of the group and their skill level, I differ in the way I run my sessions. With younger children I do more games and drills that incorporate small bits of netball techniques, not really focusing on plays or specific game strategies - I solely focus on building basic skills through games that keep younger children engaged. Whereas with more experienced players, I work on specific skills that build and extend their knowledge of the game, focusing more on team play and individual skills specific to their positions.


Netball Yalini S.

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