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Netball - Defence and centre court (my position is WD, however I am able to improve any player's position during private coaching)

More About Me

I have coached both junior and highschool students in Netball for the past 3 years.

I offer either 1 on 1/private, small group or team sessions

I will put together a specific set of warm ups, drills and exercises for the individual/group that I am coaching whether it is your first time learning or a rep team player.

ISA and CIS Athletics representative 2008 – 2015

Redlands Netball First and full colours 2014-2015

Redlands Basketball Firsts and full colours 2015

Basketball Nationals Winner 2014

MVP Netball 2012 and 2014

- I always complete a proper warm up and cool down in every session.

- Each session is unique however I typically will run it as follows:

- Warm up, Set of simple Skills-based drills, defensive and/or attacking plays

- In a team situation I will do a stop-start game - which teaches players to break bad habits and implement the new skills .

- In private coaching, I work with the player using cones to improve passing, dodging, driving, defending and plays.

- I am an active coach and am constantly moving around and demonstrating with the player(s), which I think is very important.

- I also focus on building muscle memory through repetition as well as stress the importance of the mental game and good teamwork/sportsmanship and fitness/endurance.


Netball Lia P.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Ayelet M.


    My daughter loves coach Lia. She was wonderful, she arrived earlier than our appt time, and was great in pointing out her strengths and where she can improve. My daughter enjoyed her sessions, but more importantly learned a great deal.

  2. Daniel C.


    Excellent experience, highly recommend. Outstanding coach!