Goal Shooter and Goal Attack

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I have coached many school and representative teams and understand the importance of introducing new training material and original concepts to my athletes. Sometimes it's difficult to coach on a particular aspect of the game if you haven't played in that position yourself - as I have been playing in the goal circle for many years, I've learnt a few tricks/shooter 'secrets' along the way. I have written a netball shooting book called 'Up and In' available on my website at ; I also have Level 1 Accreditation as a Netball Coach.

I started playing netball at the age of 12 for a club division 2 team in Brisbane, Australia. From the minute my hand touched the ball, I loved playing the sport and the camaraderie shared with team-mates. I play Goal Shooter and Goal Attack and have represented Queensland from Under 17 to Under 21 level, and represented Papua New Guinea in international test series in 2010. I was selected for the Australian Green and Gold representative team at University games in 2002 and was a Queensland Academy of Sport scholarship holder in 1999.

I would ask them to outline their short and long-term sporting goals and ask if there are any specific areas they would like to focus on. I would then begin with a basic warmup/stretch and take the netball out, start with passing, add movement and assess what level they are at. I can work at basic level (i.e. landing on the right foot, landing and turning) and also talk strategic - how a shooter should position themselves and balance the court, how they can maximise their strengths (for example, I would run different sessions for tall shooters who may not be as fast, compared to speedier shooters with quick reflexes).


Netball Leanne H.

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