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Any player looking too improve, players who actually want too go and achieve something with there career, players who want too take football seriously

More About Me

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I have coached full time in England for 2 years working with some off the best kids working with a company called unique fa we worked with professional football academy’s doing extra sessions with there players. I have 5 years experience with part time coaching and 2 years full time ranging from ages 4-19, I am now doing the sap under 10 program at my NPL club

I have played professional in the UK for 8 years playing for brentford /Fulham/morecambe and played for republic off Ireland under 19s and played at the top level off semi pro in England I am now playing in the NPL as a visa player

Techincal work getting on the ball as much as possible, people confuse the game, you need to be comfortable on the ball and feel confident with your ability, you need too as a player want too get on the ball and be able too pass a ball if you can’t pass you won’t go far techincal ability and passing is my 2 targets


Football (Soccer) Tommy C.

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