Don't specialise but have specific drills to cater for different positions. Needs analysis will determine what drills are completed

More About Me

I have a bachelor of exercise science. Majoring in Coaching and Strength and Conditioning. I'veCoached amateur, semi professional and professional athletes across many sports. I have worked for several private facilities geared towards improving athletic performance. I work with all age groups but currently the majority are between 12-20y/o.

My junior sport is football(soccer). I started when I was 6, made representative level at 11 and played 1st grade in the top NSW state league later in my career. I have been lucky enough to learn from outstanding and highly qualified coaches and also have experience playing with and against world class players.

The skeleton of a typical session can vary depending of the needs of the athlete, upon the assessment I find what these needs or wants out of the training are, establish the session/s goals and move towards testing and then skill practice, whether the skill be sports specific oriented or more overall athletically oriented (ie. speed, power, strength, balance, coordination or agility). Programming is scaleable and also flexible so there is no need for any prior level of ability, skill or fitness.


Football (Soccer) Tom W.

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