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All mid-field and attacking positions.

More About Me

I had a youth coaching license from Football Federation Australia which I completed with 'Advance Pass'. Feedback from parents of players I coach say my coaching style is unique and exceptionally effective.

At 18 I became a professional player in a first division team called Ankaragucu in Turkey. I was transferred to 2nd and 3rd division teams in the following years.

Being a centre mid field player in my professional career I have really good technique and excellent touch on the ball. My utmost skill is dribbling the ball in any direction. My focus is to teach the player the best way in positioning their body to correctly move the ball while keeping in mind the importance of stepping correctly as they dribble.

A typical session would be like:

- Quick warm up and light stretches.

- I will assess the skill level of the player if first session.

- working with player to improve first touch and teaching how to keep the ball in motion away from opponent.

- dribbling in many variations with speed while in control of the ball.

- any other specific areas you would like to be coached with can be arranged.

I'm fairly confident with what and how I coach. The experience will amaze the player when they put into practice what they have learned on the field. I rarely see coaches teaching the skills I have learned in my career.

Parents say they would prefer to have a one on one coaching with me teaching their kids to level up their skills than spend over 2k with signing their kids with a soccer academy team or soccer camps that aren't as effective. What I do is go beyond the essentials and teach the player to play like a real pro or at least see a significant difference if they are not up to that level.

Yes football is a fun sport and we're out there to learn and have alot of fun but if you're coached well then it will be even more fun playing this great game like a pro.

Go to the following links to see me in action playing this wonderful sport:


Football (Soccer) Tolga T.

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  1. George L.


    I highly recommend Tolga as he takes the extra time out in teaching perfection. I can see my child’s results & how she benefits after each session with putting his teachings into play when she’s at her training sessions. His teaching style is unique compared to others but very direct in what we asked him with what we wished to achieve.