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An FFA/AFC B license holder, currently I'm working at Manly United with the under 13 NPL and under 12 SAP kids. With a vast experience ranging from grassroots to professional level, I have been involved in training athletes achieve their goals for the past 6 years. Looking for motivated, self-driven athletes whom I could really enjoy working on! If you are looking for solving fitness related issues(Agility, balance, speed, co-ordination, quickness,etc.), developing technique (first touch, quick turns, ball mastery, etc.), improving decision making or something on these lines, I would love to cater to your needs by designing a tailor made program for you.

Played University and collegiate football shortly after which I had to stop playing due to an injury which took me away from the game for quite long. However, coached at the top most level back in my home country. Looking to further pursue my coaching career in Australia.

Generally, the session would start with a warm up, related to the topic you choose to improve upon. Then we go into skill games designed specifically for improving your weakness. This component would be demanding, working on your fitness levels automatically. Towards the end, we would wrap it up with some fun engaging activities and/or doing games you prefer and evaluation of the entire session. However, an ABC or SAQ session would be designed differently but every exercise would invokve a ball.


Football (Soccer) Suraj P.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Shawlene N.


    Outstanding Coach! I highly recommend Suraj as a soccer coach. My son has had 5 1 on 1 sessions already and l can see a huge change in his confidence, focus and skill, which has brought back the joy in his game that he wishes to continue is sessions which l am very supportive of.

  2. Shawlene N.


    Highly Recommended

  3. Emma W.


    Coach Suraj did a phenomenal job with my son! He had him focused for over an hour. He learned a tremendous amount and raved about how much he enjoyed it. We definitely highly recommend Suraj!

  4. Pat R.



    My son did some training with Suraj,after the first five sessions his fitness improved and he felt better control,with that his ball skills and balance also improved.
    He was confident with his sideways movement and his first touch was improved.
    The training starts of easy and over 3 to 4 sessions it increases to a high level,he also found that training with his team became easier,because he was fitter and understood the reason and the aim of the drill.
    With one on one training you see the results over weeks not months.
    I would recommend Suraj to sharpen up all the skills we all need to learn for this great game we all love.

  5. darren C.


    I would highly recommend Suraj. My son really enjoyed all the sessions that he had with Suraj. He would come home after each sessions with a huge smile on his face telling me all the great drills and skills that he had learnt.
    In just in 5 sessions Suraj has given him a great deal of confidence and an increase in skill level in such a short period of time and
    a great rapport was built up after just one session.
    Highly recommended.