All - Players should learn how to play an array of positions to build their versatility and tactical mindsets

More About Me

I have worked as a:

- Sports Scientist, GPS Data Analyst and Strength/Conditioner at APIA Leichhardt Tigers (1st Grade) (2016-2018) (2017 NPL1 Minor-Premiers, NPL Australia Championships, Waratah Cup Finalists, Grand Finalists)

- Sports Scientist, GPS Data Analyst at Trinity Grammar School (2016 - current) (St. Andrew's Plate Champions)

- GPS Data Analyst at St George FA (2017)

My qualifications:

- FFA/AFC C-Licence (Senior + Youth)

- FFA/AFC Conditioning Licence (delivered by Dr. Craig Duncan - FFA Head of Sports Science)

- Bachelor of Science (Advanced) - Majored in Statistics (The University of Sydney)

- +10 year of National Premier League experience

- +15 years playing career

- Scholarship for Football at Trinity Grammar School (Year 9-12)

- Have toured overseas to Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong and South Korea

All sessions will be monitored by GPS analytics systems in order to track:

- Maximum/Minimum Heart Rate (beats/min)

- Distance Covered (km)

- Top Speed and Mean Speed (m/s)

- Injury Likelihood

- Maximisation Levels

- Energy Levels

A typical session will feature an array of methods which fall under the protocol of strength and conditioning of the FFA

All sessions are incorporated with a ball:

- My philosophy is that all conditioning exercises should incorporate a ball as it is vital that we can build your fitness on the ball with fatigue --> This builds aerobic capacity

- Game-related conditioning exercise (training periodisation)

- Macro and micro-planning (goal-setting and building towards an end-goal)

- Utilise tactical periodisation to develop high fitness and technical levels --> incorporate GPS data in the process

- Bring to life sessions which top European clubs use in their day-today practices and at the same time analyse your GPS data


Football (Soccer) Steven C.

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