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More About Me

Thanks to my experience I can offer different and high intensity training for those players who want to improve their skills and keep building their professional dreams.

I'm focused on improve and teach the confidence of the player based on the correct way to dribble, shoot, pass, and move around the field effectively.

"Sergio PRO 1on1 football training" accommodates all skill levels as long as you have the right attitude to thrive. If you are a beginner that is not a problem I will set you on the right track to a successful soccer career. If you’re an advanced, experienced player, we will make sure you see improvements quickly and effectively.

Player Career:

Real Santander (2nd division Colombia)

Atletico Bucaramanga (1st division Colombia)

Stanmore Hawks ( NPL3 Australia )

Gladesville Ryde Magic ( NPL3 Australia)

Bankstown City Lions ( NPL2 Australia )

Coaching Career:

I’m Holding a FFA/AFC "C "Combined Youth and Senior Licence.

Real Santander Under 18s ( Colombia)

Boca juniors Academy U14s (Colombia)

Red Devils Academy U11s – U12s Current

SAP Gladesville magic

Note: The training is physically demanding and we are always fixing and improving the player's weaknesses.

I am an Ex professional footballer. BIO: from 2009 to 2013 I played 1st and 2nd division in Colombia for Atletico Bucarmanga and Real Santander.

I'm currently playing NPL 2

what I usually do is run a general training session so I can see the level skill of the player then I design a program of 10 sessions working in some specifics areas.

this way I can focus on the weaknesses and strengths of the player and step by step get to te the point we want to be.


Football (Soccer) Sergio T.

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