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More About Me

I have experience to work as a goalkeeper coach for 3 years in Japan and Australia.

I used to coach U-13,14,15 in competitive level in Japan and now I have a student who is willing to play at NPL U-14.

On the other hand, I coach for kids, small group session.

When I was in Japan,I used to play in the highest collage league which has prodused alot of professional.

After I came to Australia,I sighed with malvern city FC on state 1.

Duaring the transfer window,I sighed with kingston city FC on NPL1 as a visa player.

First of all,I'm gonna organize some trainings for improving basement skill such as core training,coodination,agility and so on.

At the same time,proceeding training for specific skill.

All of my training is based on my experience and sciencefic evidence.

Be able to organizing training for you depends on the skill.


Football (Soccer) Sato O.

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