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Currently being one of the youngest head coaches in the NPL 1 NSW league coaching for Rockdale Illinden FC U14s, first appointed head coach at 17 years old, have had major opportunities to work with some real elite talent and coaches. Also being appointed a head coach in the recent opening of Liverpool FC International Academy here in Sydney where I have been through months of education about coaching methods used by one of England's great clubs. Coaching since I was 15, with likes of ex professional players, Both national and domestic, and elite academies I have grown a strong sense for challenging and and thinking of ways I can best improve any player I meet.

I have played in many representative teams both in club and school environments, representing in multiple state titles and championships. Being captain of almost every team I have played for set the path for me to take control of my own team and players. Having completed my first coaching certificate at just 15 then having both my Junior and Senior 'AFC' C licence accreditation at 18, I am hoping to experience as much as possible when it comes to pushing as far as I can.

Currently studying Exercise Science at University is definitely allowing me to link my coaching to player welfare. From the studies I incorporate nutrition, body motion and psychology to allow whoever I train to be physically and mentally benefited.

Planning I will look to increase all technical and physical aspects of their game. I like to try and educate what should be done on and off the pitch in ways of preparing for a games or training session. Thinking of simple body maintenance to decrease time for recover.

Typically I would like to evaluate the amount of football and physical activity my athlete is participating in per week so I can then avoid any over training injuries. Start of each session would link in with the objective of the training session, focusing a lot of technical and also physical fitness and strengthening.

further will move through phases of a game and relating each practice to different scenarios that could occur on the pitch.

Ending with a stretch session and run down with nutritional advice and requirements.

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Football (Soccer) Patrick H.

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