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I have been coaching for almost 10 years, first 7 in Italy where I coached from U7 until first team and the last 3 years in Australia coaching in Ac Milan Academy, Balmain and now in Hakoah.

I have UEFA C License and at the moment I'm studying to get the Australian B License.

I played soccer from 5 years old until 27, when I had to quit after severals injury on my knees.

I played as a striker (n.9) almost all my career and I really enjoy to be in that position.

The client can choose between technique and tactics. I know how to improve the specific skills about shooting, passing the ball, and how to move inside the pitch in every position. The client can ask me if he/she want to improve in technique and tactics.

At the beginning, we will set a goal with a client, and then we start to work to achieve that goal.

I can also work to improve client’s confidence. I know how much is important the mind in soccer.


Football (Soccer) Paolo G.

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  1. Desmond C.


    Paolo is an incredible coach; super accommodating, very technical and understands quickly the program that fits you best. Super happy to have found him!