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As ex professional player I have been playing a quite different positions on the park within team and been met with demands from any position in team defence, midfield as well as attack

More About Me

Head coach/player Springvale White Eagles 2017 NPL

Head coach U12s at Springvale White Eagles 2017

Head coach U15s at Springvale White Eagles 2018

Head coach U18s at Springvale White Eagles 2019

Coach in soccer academy Futbal First 2017-

Coach in futsal academy Futbal First


Soccer coach in Forest Hill college 2018-

Professional soccer player over 12 years in Europe ( Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina top divisions )

National team Bosnia and Herzegovina over 30 appearances in youths and 2 games for the seniors team

Holder Uefa “B” licence for 4 years

Lots of personal accomplishments/rewards during soccer career as well as coaching

Warm up: Bands/footwork/skipping rope

Skill drills: passing drills, ball work , shooting drills, awareness, game scenario situation/explanations

Cool down: stretching , analysing the session/ focusing on things/skills that needs to be fixed/improved


Football (Soccer) Nebojsa P.

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