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Played Professionally as a Left Sided player (Left back and Left Winger), also played as Central Midfielder and Right Sided Player

More About Me

Personal Experience:

- Have had the privilege of training many young Junior Athletes SAP and Youth League Players playing at different levels of Representative Football, as well as, aspiring Footballers (soccer players)

- Coached privately 1v1, small group sessions and Managed 5Sports Football Academy (Sutherland Shire) for a number of years

- Typically work with anyone from ages 9+ both football inspired players and any athletes who want to take their game to another level

- Certifications in:

- Personal Training Certificates 3 and 4

- Advanced Core Conditioning

- Functional Training Levels 1 and 2

- Dealing with Back Injuries and Knee Injuries

- Diploma Of Nutrition and Dietetics

- Professional Footballer for the Central Coast Mariners 2012-2017

- Champions HAL 2012/2013 season

- Asian Champions League 2013/2014

- FFA Cup

- NPL Experience with Sydney United 58 FC and currently with Rockdale City Suns for the 2019 season

Taken from Professional Experience and education of the different elements involved in the game I aim to focus on trying to incorporate drills which not only focus on the technique side of the game but the different energy systems which are involved. Unfortunately not enough players understand the physical demands which are involved with the game and overtime lose this element. Yes technique is important but if you want to stand out from the rest you need to have the physical capabilities to compete at high tempos consistently for 90 minutes. At the end of the day thats what the aim is. If you've ever wondered if your fitness was at the highest level or if you wanted to know the type of fitness you will need if you are to play professionally thats one of the major focuses. The programs will not only prepare you for that but will also educate young athletes on the level of conditioning it takes to be a pro.

Main focuses included:

- Technique (touch, passing, dribbling, shooting)

- Body positioning and awareness

- Training of the energy systems involved during the duration of a match

- Physical Conditioning: repeated sprint, sprint, aerobic training and ATP/PC systems


Football (Soccer) Michael N.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Brian K.


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Outstanding Coach!

  2. German B.


    Michael was excellent with my son. They began training right away and he learned skills that he had never been shown before and skills that he could bring home and practice on his own. By the end of the hour, I could already see noticeable improvements with his ball skills.

  3. Rachel W.


    Incredible training sessions again! Outstanding coach.

  4. Rachel W.


    Michael is a fantastic coach. Not only is he exceptionally skilled, experienced, and knowledgable, but he brings infectious and inspiring energy and enthusiasm to every drill and every session. I also love how he frames his critiques in a positive and constructive light. He instills belief in everyone’s capabilities, helping them overcome any mental doubts. I look forward to each session with Michael. His sessions are high-intensity and fun and guaranteed to improve your game.

  5. Paul P.


    Great guy and very knowledgeable



    Wonderful coach and training sessions!

  7. Jai W.


    Coach is superb. Learned more in one session than during the whole season worth of group practices at a local league. Coach is very motivational, with the right level of high expectations, humor, patience, and great technical skills. He really stands out among several coaches we have had and we look forward to many more sessions with him.

  8. David W.


    Very talented coach. All the sessions are well thought out and purposeful. Great technical skills and he has an immediate impact. Very thorough. Each and every session has been extremely beneficial in improving skills. Highly recommended for short or long-term training.