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I passed my Licence B UEFA in Europe, and coach more than 6 years in National Clubs in France from U8 to U19 at Regional level. I was Head Coach U12 at Montreal Impact FC Academy in Canada for 2 years. Last years, I coached in New Zealand and gave some tactical analysis with the Youth National Team in Hawke's Bay.

I was an International University French player and played more than 10 years in National 2 in France. I played in 3rd Division in Canada and got the Silver Ball during the season 2016. I was recognized MVP players during the finals. Last year, I played in the Handa Premiership in New Zealand and I was recognized MVP Player for the season 2018-2019.

Improve technical skills (footwork and coordination exercises). Dribbling skills (using both feet to keep control with the ball in all situation). Shooting skills to find the net and adopt the right technical posture to do it!


Football (Soccer) Maxime O.

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Client Reviews

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  1. David R.


    Highly Recommended

  2. Mark D.


    Maxime is a such pleasure to work – Professional, very skillful with and highly recommended!
    Accurately plans his training sessions based on the information provided to him and makes them enjoyable. My son says he that cannot wait for the next session with Maxi!