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More About Me

My name is Matheus I am from Brazil and I am here in Australia for 3 years now. I work for Kickstart since 2016 and for the last two years I worked for South Yarra Soccer Club coaching the U8 (2017) and U10 (2018), I have 4 years of experience on soccer as coach and 10 years as a player in Brazil and Australia. I have some coaching courses that I did here in Australia in the last years and the License C in Brazil that I did 6 months ago. I give my best in all training sessions.

Career Overview

As a Coach:

1 year experience at Com Sports Soccer Club (Brazil)

3 Years experience at Kickstart Soccer Program for kids (2016-2019)

1 Year Coaching U8 at South Yarra Soccer Club (2017 Season)

1 Year Coaching U10 at South Yarra Soccer Club (2018 Season)

As a Player:

6 Years Playing at Alphaville Soccer Club (Brazil)

2 Years Playing at Audax Soccer Club (Brazil)

1 Year Playing at Barueri Soccer Club (Professional Level, Brazil)

1 Year Playing at Western Suburbs (State 1 League, Australia)

Soccer Courses:

Skill Training Certificate

High Performance decision Making

Community coaching general principles

Competition Routines

License C to train goalkeepers


best goalkeeper of the competition (2012)

best goalkeeper of the competition (2014)

Golden Gloves Awards (2015)

All my Sessions I focus on the Player Technique so this means that I like to coach my players how to do the technique properly, 100% right. When I learned how to play soccer (Brazil) all players have a really good talent so their techniques are really good so thats why I like to focus on the techniques to grow the player talent. Every session that I plan I have a main focus topic to work on with the player, I don't like mix the drills. Also I like to work with Goalkeepers just me and the Keeper a 1v1 session.


Football (Soccer) Matheus Gabriel L.

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