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Mario Posada is a professional soccer coach. He holds a degree in sport sciences and has significant experience working with children of all ages as well as adults. Mario is very interested in the pedagogy and learning process associated with developing soccer skills. His most recent experience in Australia has been working with soccer academies including the A.C Milan Academy Australia as well as ASR Rome and North Sydney United Football Club. He was appointed assistant coach at Manly United for the 2015 season for the under 18 boys team in the National Premier League NSW, with the team achieving 3rd place in the competition, in 2017 he is the head coach for Dunbar rovers U20 team in NPL3 NSW.


FFA A Licence – AIS, Canberra, Australia, currently underway

FFA B Licence – AIS, Canberra, Australia, 2013

International Coaching Licence FA – UK Football Association, St George’s Park, England, 2012

Diploma of Business Management, Australian Pacific College, Sydney, Australia, 2011

Italian football coaching course/seminar, Associazione Italiana Allenatori Calcio, Sydney, Australia, 2009

Bachelor of Sport Sciences, Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, Colombia, 2007

Barcelona F.C (Barcelona, Spain, auxiliary/supporting clinic coach working alongside

Barcelona coaches), 2016

Real Madrid Football Club (Madrid, Spain, auxiliary/supporting clinic coach working alongside

Real Madrid coaches), 2015

RFEF Spanish Federation (Las Rozas) Madrid, Spain auxiliary/supporting clinic coach working alongside

RFEF coaches, Madrid, Spain (2015)

Alessandro Del Piero Football Academies soccer camp coach, Sydney Australia (2015)

Club Atletico Nacional First team (Colombia), one-week internship, 2014

Juventus F.C. Second team (Italy), one-week internship, 2012

Atletico de Madrid First team (Spain), one-week internship, 2012


Physical training, balance and coordination skills.

Functional rehabilitation of injured football players

On-Field Rehabilitation (The final phases of rehabilitation preceding the return to sport were performed by all patients on a soccer field (grass or synthetic field) under the control of an athletic trainer specifically trained and experienced in rehabilitation and sport recovery)


Ball mastery, dribbling, 1 vs. 1, tailored programs to promote accelerated learning such as assistance with weak foot development, specific skills and turning, control and passing, passing accuracy under pressure, analysis and decision making


Specific tasks to develop and support the psychological aspects of playing soccer


Assisting players to develop skills to adapt to the environment in which they are playing


Football (Soccer) Mario P.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Desmond C.


    Coach Mario really took his time with my son . We had a hard season last year, especially with and he was very meticulous with his critique on form. Very patient, my son loved him. I highly recommend.

  2. RAFA M.


    First-Rate coach with a great passion.

  3. RAFA M.


    Coach Mario is great with my son. My Son has Learned more in one session than during the whole season worth of group practices at a local league. All the drills were meticulously planned and executed. He was there at the training session before time and had all the drills set up before the start of the session. He alternated between drills and actual execution of the skills. He is patient with my son and very encouraging. My son enjoys the sessions and was very happy with the new skills he is learning. Coach Mario also concentrates on the mental aspect of the game and shows how to be mentally tough in high-pressure situations. I would highly recommend Coach Mario to everyone.