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All position's, specific football fitness sessions also available.

More About Me

Luke has a vast amount of experience ranging from grassroots to elite level which has been gathered within four different countries: England, South Africa, America and Australia.

Luke is a UEFA B qualified coach with the highest qualifications of a Football Association youth award alongside a BSc Sports Development and Coaching degree.

Elite experience:

Luke has worked for Premier League club Hull City coaching within the academy and also running a pre academy development centre for 7-14year talented player.

Luke has also coached for Championship club Sheffield Wednesday FC where he was academy coach for the U11's.

Luke took charge of Scarborough Athletic FC U19's who are a semi professional club in North Yorkshire.


Luke runs his own business 'Inspire Soccer UK' in Sydney. He coaches a variety of sessions for Mosman FC: Mini Roo's U10 girls, development sessions for U8-U14 boys, U10 boys academy, 035's men and women first team. Luke also coaches in St Pius College as well the as private session he deliver's via Inspire Soccer UK.

Luke has played semi professional level in England and dips in and out of playing at a high amateur level when his coaching schedule allows. Luke continues to prioritize coaching over playing.

Lukes/Inspire Soccer UK session's are tailor made to support the holistic development of the individual player, we catering for all players from beginner to elite standard.

We design sessions which are fun, challenging and motivating for players who want to take their game to the next level! Whether you have a son/daughter wanting to learn the basic's, an academy player aiming to be a professional or a group of teammates wanting to do some extra training for your weekend games on your lunch break at work, we can deliver a session for you.

*1to1 coaching:

One to one training maximises the opportunity to develop areas of the game which you might not get in team training, such as;

•Mastering the ball with both feet.

•Refining technique on specific areas of the game; Passing, dribbling, shooting, defending, attacking etc.

•Staying one step ahead as we work on your spatial awareness.

•Keeping you sharp and ready by building on your football fitness e.g. Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, endurance, reactions.

•Creating that killer touch.

•Growing your creative play.

•Building confidence.

•And much more……

*Goalkeeper training:

Just like 1to1 training for outfield players, goalkeeper sessions are designed specifically for you. From building the foundations that every top goalkeeper needs to regular keeper training to ensure you are ready whenever you are called upon in a game we’ve got you!

Goalkeeper sessions work on areas such as:


Distribution with hands & feet.

Getting/keeping you sharp and ready developing; Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Reflexes.


General technical i.e. diving, saving.


Confidence and communication to team mates.

*Train with a friend (2-4 players):

If you would prefer to train with a friend/s or a teammate/s of similar ability to you this session is the one. The session can be 2to1, 3to1 or 4to1 where you will work on individual technique and take on each other in creative developmental drills/games.

*Group Skill Sessions (5-10 players):

This programme is best for players of similar ability and ages to compete against each other and work together in skill practices.

They will be fun, but also appropriately challenging for all players.

What does the session include?

The hour is split into 3 areas, 20 minute on each.

1/3: Football Fitness: Developing-Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed (with & without balls).

2/3: Ball Mastery/Comfort: Developing-Touch, passing, control, ball comfort, mastering the football with both feet and all surfaces.

3/3: Be The Best: Players compete against each other in variety of 1v1/2v2 games. Developing creativity as well as Attacking and Defending skills.


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