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Northbridge Football Club - Coached from u6 up both boys and girls teams

Red Devils Football Academy - Coached from ages 3+ both boys and girls teams

Michael Johnson Performance Centre (USA) - Went here to learn the aspects of the game without the ball, Plyometrics, Power, Speed, Agility

Manchester United Football Club (Player) - Played here from age 7 - 20

Played at :

Manchester United Football Club from age 7 - 20 - Earned a scholarship and a 2 year professional contract

Belgium Division 1 for Royal Antwerp Football Club - Went on loan for 1 year from Man United

Manly United in 2016 - Won club championship

Session will always start with ladders to gain better footwork and brain activity.

Then will move on to the technique work with a ball. (ball mastery)

Finish with a game orientated situation which suits the athlete.


Football (Soccer) Luke G.

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