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I specialize in all positions; I have played every position including goalkeeper even though I am only 5 foot 3

More About Me

I have 3 years’ experience training footballers between the ages of 4 - 15 years of age. I have experience and am comfortable coaching both boys and girls. I have also have 15 years’ experience as a player and over the past years I have obtained the following qualifications relevant to football.

Working with Children's Check

Provide First Aid (Senior First Aid Certificate)

Grass Roots Coaching Certificate

Skill Training Certificate

Game Training Certificate

Youth C License (Currently undertaking)

I have been a player for 15 years and have compete at high level throughout youth and senior age groups. I received Junior Player of the Year as a 16-year-old. After that I received an offer to go to the states on a scholarship offer that I ended up turning down. Following on from that I was an unused substitute as a 16-year-old for the Premier League team, I know that isn’t a big deal, but it was nice to be recognised that I had potential as a 16-year-old. In senior football I have only ever played at a minimum of Al 1 level. At 19 years I played Premier League and in the same year I also represented Northern Beaches Breakers in State League Futsal. Lastly in 2018 I received the Squad player of the Year award in AL 1s, it was the same team as the premier league team, but we were relegated 2 years prior 🙁

I place an emphasis on the technical development of players over their physical development as football is a game where technical prowess will always trump physical power.

I focus on developing a player through a progressive program starting with an initial assessment to see where an individual is at in their development. From there I generally develop a player through the following progression. First, I develop and work on their first touch (ball control), it’s the first thing anyone does when they get the ball and is therefore the most important element in becoming a better player. Second, I split the time 50/50 between running with the ball (dribbling) and Striking the ball (short passing, long passing, shooting and crossing). After these i move on to developing a player’s ability in a 1 on 1 situation, first from an attacking point of view and then from a defending point of view. This transitions nicely into the next stage, that is defending. Lastly, we then work on the specifics and the low percentage moments in a game. Such as heading and set pieces.

This is the general blueprint however it is ultimately up to the player in order to decide what they would like to do. For example, if a player specifically said they wanted to work on penalties and only penalties, then that is something that we can look at after their initial assessment.

Lastly what does football have to be? FUN!!! there is no point hammering players with non-enjoyable drills that suck the life out of football. Football is not meant to be a chore and that is the last thing that I want to make it. So, although my sessions are technique based they are also meant to be fun.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Football (Soccer) Liam B.

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