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I specialise in midfield playing skills, however I believe in the knowledge of what to do in all areas of the field as Total Football.

More About Me

I started coaching my younger brother's teams from a young age as it was always my passion to help others develop and improve their own skills.

I then completed a Diploma in Sports Development for Football/Soccer at FC11 in 2015 and have been coaching full time ever since with various companies, most notably Football NSW, Kickstart, Western Sydney Wanderers and have started my own soccer program at Liverpool PCYC, while also coaching my local club teams at Hinchinbrook FC.

Most of my work has come through junior coaching with children at primary school levels teaching the introductory skills as outlined in the FFA Skill Training Certificate I acquired, however have also coached senior teams utilising my FFA Senior Coaching Certificate.

I enjoy working with players of all ages and skill levels and always strive to improve their game in the way that will help them the most.

At youth level I worked myself up the ranks from local level football in the Southern Districts league to eventually play for bigger clubs such as Marconi and Bonyrigg White Eagles in the NPL. After an injury and deciding to take my studies and coaching more seriously I have most recently played for Western Condors in the State League and now play my local league Premier League side.

During school and youth level I won many awards, captaining my school side to winning the south western regionals, winning various MPV awards on the way. I have also won a few Latino cultural competitions with different teams in privately run competitions that get very competitive.

Before I begin the session I would ask for some background basic information about the player including their own opinion about what their strengths and weaknesses are.

I would then initially run a few tests testing some basic physiological traits such as speed and agility. And then some basic tests with a ball at their feet.

Once I have the results it would then be about tailoring program that is fun, and inclusive of aspects that I and the athlete want to improve about their game.

One of my main focuses is on ball control as I believe that having the characteristic to slow the game down or speed it up at your desire is a trait that only the best players in the world have, so improving a player's confidence with a ball at their feet is usually my main priority.

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Football (Soccer) Kevin Alexander Guardado A.

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