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I’m currently a player playing in the National Premier League in Victoria. Being only 15, I was called up to become a full time senior player. Faced with new challenges and high expectations, I worked extremely hard to improve my skills and develop extensive knowledge of the game as required at that level. I was able to gain experience of what is required to be playing at high levels.

This developed a passion of helping others to achieve their footballing dreams by passing on my knowledge. So I started my coaching journey with Singh Sabha Sports Club where I coached the senior men’s team, helping them to win the Vic-soccer championship and win two tournaments back to back. Alongside this I had the opportunity to help out with young kids and give them tips on how to take their game to the next level.

I started playing football at the age of 5 years old for Lalor United Sloga SC. After spending 7 years at Lalor, I moved to Sporting Whittlesea to further develop my skills and knowledge. In the 2013/14 season, I was awarded captaincy where I developed and displayed strong, effective leadership and communication on and off the field. During the 9 years at both these clubs, I played as a central defender in which I was able to develop a great understanding of the game. With the creation of the new league, National Premier League, I then moved to Whittlesea Rangers Football Club where I am currently still at. I started off my first year playing in the under 14s where I transitioned to take up the central midfield position. In the 2015 season, playing under 15s, I was able to greatly contribute to the team both defensively and attacking, netting a range of goals and helping the team becoming PS4 National Premier League West Champions. The team that same year also went on to be runners up in the PS4 National Premier League Finals. I was awarded with the coach’s award for the best and fairest player after becoming champions.

However, it was the when I was 15 in the 2016 season, I had my breakthrough season and made in the senior squad. After taking in the advice from my coaches, I was moved straight up to playing with the under 20s squad. I was in the under 20s squad only for a few weeks before being called up to become a full time senior player still only at 15 years of age. Faced with new challenges and experiences, I worked extremely hard to improve my skills and develop extensive knowledge of the game as required at that level. My hard work presented me with the opportunity to get my first full debut which I took full advantage of and proved to coaches I was a player with a range of qualities. That year I was awarded with the Nick Lacobacci award, which is awarded to one player that has improved the most through his hard work and shown prominent qualities. This booked my place in the senior squad for the 2016 season which was also another successful year. Having played 18 games with many starts I was able to test my ability and acquire a very high level skill of reading the game. I am currently still playing for Whittlesea Rangers Football Club.

I’m a flexible coach willing to change up the structure of sessions accordingly to the individual. I like to work on improving any weaknesses of the individual while also mastering the basics. This is something I believe is really important In order to take your game to the next level. However, all above all, I like to make my sessions fun and enjoyable for players so they stay motivated to improve, to do well and enjoy the overall process.


Football (Soccer) Jasdip D.

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