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Brazilian Ex professional player, Hezio Carvalho Silva ,Nicknamed "Azul", Born in Brazil, Hezio played at the highest youth level in the Sao Paulo State “Campeonato Paulista” Serie A (in the same league as 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year Ricardo Kakà) . He went on to become a professional footballer at 18 yrs in Brazil. He has played in numerous high level tournaments; with and against several of Brazil's national team. C Licensed Soccer Coach in Australia, 3 years experience in 1on1 Coaching. 3 years experience coaching for Sydney Fc Holiday Clinics. Feel welcome to book a session. Thanks

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Football (Soccer) Hezio Silva N.

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  1. Allan E.

    Jason T.

    Our son (U13 club player) thought Coach Hezio’s session was intense, well-organized and fun & we appreciated his professionalism and knowledge as parents. We highly recommend Coach Hezio and will definitely be booking more sessions. Five stars.

  2. Allan E.

    Nikki M.

    My son just had his first session yesterday with Coach Hezio. The session was fabulous. He made my son feel immediately comfortable, relaxed, and kept the session upbeat and fun. Heading into this process, as a father, I was very nervous that I would not find the right coach for my 9 YO son. After chatting back and forth with Hezio before my son’s session, and now having the first session behind us, I cannot imagine a better choice than Coach Hezio. He is incredibly professional, extremely responsive, and most important of all, my son had a great time, and felt like he learned a ton! We will 100 percent continue to use Coach Hezio.

  3. Martina T.


    Coach Hezio was a true professional. His attention to detail helps deliver superior touch and skill that take you or your child’s game to the next level.

    A true student of the game, Coach Hezio is a tactical master willing to discuss and game plan game scenarios in addition to technical drills.

    Saw an immediate improvement in my son during game action. Have more time and space with the ball and he is able to see plays before they develop.

    Highly recommend this coach.

  4. Mike S.


    Hezio is a wonderful coach and gives awesome training sessions!