wingers / wing backs, strikers, attacking midfielders.

More About Me

I have worked with a football company running programs in schools ( both primary and high school students ). I have also coordinated an active kids after school program where the focus was on football.

Have been playing at the NPL level of football for the last 5 years, playing a variety of positions allowing me to understand the game in a holistic way. Have also had a lot of experience with athletics and in particular sprint training and the different methods to increase both linear speed and agility.

Sessions will begin with self evaluation of the athletes current situation. This allows for the identification of strengths and more importantly areas that need improvement. Next will be a soccer specific warm up inclusive of both dynamic drills and touch drills to get the athlete physically and mentally ready for the session ahead. The core of the session will be focused on improving areas that the athlete feels they need to work on either physically, technically, tactically and even mentally. This will be very specific to each athlete depending on factors such as position and current skill level. The session will then conclude with a general warm down/stretch.


Football (Soccer) Gregory A.

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