Striker and Middlefield

More About Me

I have been player during 8 years (National level under 17 years old), then I became referee during 2 years and then coach during 3 years. I coached U6, U8 and U14 (5 to 14 years old) in one of the best club around Paris. My father is also a football coach. I have a degree in sport management and I am going to do a master in sport management.

I was the captain of my team, I have been the 7th best student in a sport university (before my degree in sport management) and I have been the best referee under 21 years old in my department. I also won the championship with my U14 in 2017.

I am going to focus on passing, shooting, dribbling and intelligence on the pitch. It is important to be a good individual player but also a good teammate, so I am also going to focus on teamwork.


Football (Soccer) Erwann D.

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