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All field positions including keeper.

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I started playing soccer when I was in 6th grade and played on varsity teams all the way through to University. I have coached or worked with Athletes in both the sport and academic roles, including the University of Central Florida where the Captain of the U.S. Women's team coached. She captained the U.S squad when they won the World Cup. I coach at a club on the North side of Brisbane in the U12s where I am in charge of the entire age group (4 teams). I coach the top team and coach the coaches for the other 3 teams. I have coached the past 6 seasons at the SYL/Komodo/Divisional levels from U6s - U16s. I will be sitting for my C License the next time there are courses in Brisbane. I have the Skills Training Certificate and Game Training Certificates.

I see the opportunity and benefit to train all Junior levels, Young Men and Women's levels, as well as the Overs. I am referring to Over 18s, Over 35s for a bit of extra skills training and conditioning.

I was a multi-sport athlete growing up in the states. Soccer, Football, Basebɑll and Basketbɑll all competitive through school and outside. With Soccer I continued through to the Collegiate levels. In the High School levels I was typically one of the top point scorers (assists and goals combined) as I could see the pitch - that is what I like teaching to players today. With Basebɑll I continued to play up until a few years ago in an over 35s squad here on the North side. No awards but finished the season without major injuries.

Our first session would be to learn first what you want to get out of your sessions. I mix up my sessions from ball skills to passing to movement without the ball. I am creative. I will find an exercise that will work for my players interest levels to teach the skills/habits. I create plans that get touches on the ball, as many as we can. 1,000 touches in one session is not difficult to do. We will create good, effective habits that you will take to the pitch. Building a foundation of those basic habits is what I teach my players. Working as a team and supporting each other is another key belief of mine.


Football (Soccer) Damon C.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Allan E.

    Trudy-Ann K.

    The training that Coach Damon is providing my daughter has been very beneficial. He communicates extremely well with her and encourages her to asks questions. His way of breaking down each move has helped tremendously. We are looking forward to working with Coach Damon each week. I would recommend Coach to all.

  2. Allan E.

    Tanya C.

    My son enjoyed his time with coach Damon and learned a lot out of one session. He kept my son engaged and made it fun while learning.

  3. Kim O.


    Coach Damon’s work with our provides not only new skills but also a real boost in our son’s confidence in his own play. Coach is very technical and has a great philosophy about the game. Damon keeps our son busy and in motion the entire session and is enormously positive. Our son looks forward to every lesson.