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Fifa Pro-licence.

Advanced National Coach.

Strength and Conditioning Coach .

Youth Coach.

Sport Coach.

Working with Children license.

Football advice regarding players trials.


Australia Olympic team.

Fiji nation team.

National League Coach.

Macarthur Rams Technical Director and Head Coach.

Gungahlin United Technical Director and Head Coach.

Banstown United Head Coach.

Players technical ability.

Players tactical understanding

Players physical capabilities

Players game awareness.

Players mental strength.

Teams ability to be competitive.


Football (Soccer) Claudio C.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Allan E.

    John N.

    Claudio was excellent with my son. They began training right away and he learned skills that he had never been shown before and skills that he could bring home and practice on his own. By the end of the hour I could already see noticeable improvements with his ball skills.

  2. Allan E.

    Zelko F.

    My daughter is a U10 travel player and trained with Coach Claudio. She has enjoyed training with Coach Claudio. He is very patient, and it is obvious he enjoys his work. The personal attention he gives and the technical skills he demonstrates and teaches is really going to make her a more sound and well-rounded player.

  3. Allan E.

    Fraser M.

    Coach Claudio was great! Right away my son (and I) connected with him and knew he was going to be the right coach. He is patient, encouraging and talented. I highly recommend him!

  4. Allan E.

    Vivek G.

    Coach Claudio’s work with our son provided our son with not only new skills but also a real boost in our son’s confidence in his own play. Claudio keeps our son busy and in motion the entire session and is enormously positive. Our son looks forward to every lesson.

  5. Allan E.

    Steve S.

    Coach Claudio is really amazing he is very active and energetic through the whole session. He pushed my son and gave him great pointers. I highly recommend coach Claudio to anyone in the area. Will always make sure to book a session when in Sydney.

  6. Allan E.

    Martin S.

    Coach Claudio is great!! He has been working with my daughter for the last 3 weeks. The sessions are focused and active and I can already see the improvement in her soccer game. He provides great communication and is an absolute professional. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a knowledgeable, understanding and overall excellent coach.

  7. Allan E.

    Foroza M.

    Coach Claudio did a phenomenal job with my 9yr son! Its no small task to keep a 9yr’s attention and he had him focused for over an hour. He learned a tremendous amount and raved about how much he enjoyed it. We definitely highly recommend Claudio!

  8. Natalie V.


    Claudio gives brilliant training sessions. Very highly recommend.