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Goalkeeper and any outfield position.

More About Me

• Trinity Grammar School Head Goalkeeper Coach (High School)

• St George FA Head Goalkeeper Coach & (Youth & Senior)

• Fast Football Academy Head Coach (Preschool & Primary)

• 1 on 1 private coaching - Personal training/Strength & conditioning/Goalkeeper & outfielder Specific Training

• Marrickville PCYC after school football programme

• Stoke City U6-7’s goalkeepers

• Current Balmain District Football Association Head Coach - U15/1

• FFA C license (Youth & Senior)

• FFA Leve 1 Goalkeeping License

Can work with all age groups at any level of ability.

• Played for Stoke City youth team for 3 seasons (Premier League)

Winner of Adidas Generation Cup, Dallas u16s

Winner of Amztell Cup Germany, u17s

• Played for Nottingham Forest as a Professional (Championship)

• Played for Central Coast Mariners youth team. (First grade)

• Been called to two Young Socceroos training camps. (2017)

•Included in extended Squad for Australia U23s Asian Cup 2018

• Represented NSW and won nationals.

• Represented Metro East 3x and won tournament once.

• Played for Marconi stallions four seasons. Minor premiers 3x

Grand final winners 2x NPL 1

• Qualified Personal Trainer

• Represented NSW in futsal

• First grade player for St George FA 2019 in NPL 2

My sessions are all pre-planned, but based on how I perceive the client to be feeling in terms of readiness, activity levels throughout the day and their general well being and state, I may alter the session based on these factorsso no harm is done to them and that I am able to get the full potential out of them during each session. I always focus on improving no matter how minimal the improvement may be, and how long the clients taken to achieve this.

I base a lot of my training off squatting mechanics and trying to improve application of force.

Generally working with football clients, my aim is to train them of a minimum 3x a week. One session being Gym work, another being a ball/technique session and finally a pool session, which is surprisingly probably the hardest out of the three sessions I like to do.

Although in saying all of this, I work to what the client would like me to help develop them on and focus where they want to see improvements. If the client wants to bulk and gain size then I can help as I am able to offer good nutritional advice and training methods. Another example may be if the client wants to improve their kicking or shot stopping techniques, I can also help.

My ability is available to all needs and goals.


Football (Soccer) Chris M.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Jason T.


    Chris is an excellent coach. He had a variety of ways to isolate an improve individual skills. He was willing to adjust his coaching to work on the specific areas my son requested and also targeted skills that he saw as needing work. We will definitely be calling on Chris again.

  2. Brie G.


    Exceptional coaching abilities. Superb experience! First-Rate coach with a great passion.

  3. Aayam S.


    First-Rate coach with a great passion.

  4. Brie G.


    Coach Chris is exceptionally inspiring. No one can match his passion for the game – at the highest quality level, of course. He has a sharp eye for assessing a player’s natural strengths and weaknesses. As a teacher, Chris has a unique method for breaking down the specific skills needed to succeed in every aspect of the game.

    He walks through each of those skills with his students in bite-sized modules. In doing so, his student learns not only the skill, but an elevated look at the ‘how’, and even the ‘why’. Chris proves the value of the skill set empirically, with examples of recurring game situations. He transforms those chaotic moments into smaller mini-games, in which a set of exact skills that will guarantee success is taught. The first payoff is that the student learns each of the skill-modules one by one, thus is instantly a better player.

    The long game payoff is even better: the student will also learn “how to think about the game”. Once that lesson sets in, students can think about the game and “how to self-develop a needed skill” to transcend whatever level they are on.

    Chris’s students, thus, will probably become the best player on their team, or in their league, if they take to this style. Most importantly, his students will have a path to becoming the best player that they can be. Training with Chris is like training into and out of the passing lane of the highway, always moving smoothly, quickly, safely, enjoyably!

  5. Diane W.


    Chris has been great with my son in his sessions. He is always on time and well prepared, and the sessions are tailored specifically towards what my son wants or needs to work on. Chris is very flexible and easy to communicate with, and he brings some unique methods of working with a player to the training. We look forward to working with him for the rest of the year.

  6. Vasilis C.


    Coach Chris is amazing. We learned so much and it is wonderful to see his effectiveness as a coach. His unique techniques, patience and always going the extra mile for his students really stands out. High recommendation!