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I have been coaching now for around 5 years, with athletes ranging between year prep to older adults. I spent the majority of my time coaching football at a club level for Hampton Junior Soccer Club Under 16s and Under 18s Girls, Bayside Argonauts State League 4 Womens, and Brighton Grammar School senior teams. Since then, I have transitioned into junior coaching with the development of preps and year 1s, teaching them the basics of football. Currently, I have my skill training and game training certificates in coaching, with plans to further grow my qualifications.

I first started playing when I was 7 for Brighton Soccer Club, but then transferred over to Hampton Junior Soccer Club to be with my friends. I carried on playing through high school from year 9-12, picking up awards such as the Golden Boot and Best and Fairest for my teams, as well as a Team of the Year award for the whole of senior school in my final year. My personal highlight of my footballing life so far would be going undefeated in my final year of high school, the same year I picked up the Golden Boot, Best and Fairest and Team of the Year awards.

I try my best to gauge the athlete's ability from very early on in the session, so that I may alter it if need be. I usually start with the basics, being passing and dribbling, but will incorporate more advanced drills if I can see the athlete is capable. I tend to push the athlete to the best of his or her abilities if they're willing, rather than give them drills than may not challenge them as much as they would like.


Football (Soccer) Andrew J.

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  1. Lloyd S.


    Wonderful training sessions again! Outstanding coach.

  2. Lloyd S.


    Amazing coach and really pin-points areas to work on quickly!