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CURRENTLY: working for Juventus Academy in Sydney both as Strenght and Conditioning coach and Soccer coach, implementing and overseeing fitness and coaching program depending on age (children and teenagers 6 - 18 yo).

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES: 2 years with F.C. Inter Milan Academy in Milan, 2 years with A.C Monza (3rd division professional team in Italy) and 2years with Milan Academy Sydney. In all cases, I followed the youth development phase as an individual coach and head fitness coach (children and teenagers aged 6 to 18 yr).

LICENSES: Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Sport Science / FIGC License (Italian Football Association) as Professional Youth Fitness Coach/ ASCA Level 1 Coach (Australian Strength & Conditioning Association).

I have always played football since when I was 5 years old reaching fifth division where I played for two years. When I was young I partecipated in different Milan Campus to increase my skills.

- Development Fitness and Coaching Program using training methods based on players skills;

- Motor, Coordination, Technical and Conditioning skills development depending on age.


Football (Soccer) Andrea C.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Elke B.


    Outstanding Coach! Great eye for detail, really thorough assessment/correction of movement and technique – exactly what we were after in a 1:1 session!
    We’ll be back!!!

  2. Allan E.

    Nadine D.

    Coach Andera is a wonderful coach who helped my son with his weaker areas that needed more individualized focus. He was on time every day and had before and after videos for us to see so, we could see improvement after practicing with a skill. I would recommend him.

  3. Scott W.


    Coach Andrea is patient and understanding. He is excellent at developing a rapport with children and making them feel comfortable and supported. My son loved his lesson and is looking forward to working with him.

  4. Sandro L.


    We have been exceptionally fortunate to find Andrea as a coach. He is always prompt, professional, courteous, and motivating. He has a great eye for finding weaknesses and ways to improve with detailed and nuanced coaching. He also continues to be a skilled professional player which is always exciting for my children. I highly recommend him.