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Specialisation is across all positions including Goal Keeper

More About Me

For over a decade I've been coaching and mentoring players of all ages, but especially in the last year I've transitioned to a formal coach. I've been coaching under 12's, both boys and girls, but also have regularly worked with teenagers and Over 35's. My passion is coaching, sharing knowledge, but doing so in a continuously active, tailored session of fun with progressive and achievable goal setting. I am a very friendly person by nature, proud father of an 8 year old son, and an excellent communicator who naturally adapts to all ages and cultures.

I am in the process of completing my C Licence Coaching Accreditation. For those I coach I make it about meaningful technical and skill development, while maintaining the love for this beautiful game. See the session plan section for the elements I cover across the training and analysis process, tailored to each individuals involvement, preferences, and positional play in a game.

I have a genuine love of the game, an eye for detail in the strategy and the technique, both in a team and individual scenario. I spent over a decade in a Latin based community learning Spanish as a second language, and that environment is so passionate about their football. Training and playing with them across leagues in outdoor and indoor competitions, was a wonderful and continual learning experience. Naturally its one region of the worldwide game, but game planning, and game playing in that environment taught me so much. I transitioned to more of a coaching / mentor / analytical role in the set-up after suffering a ruptured ACL in a League game, which required a full knee reconstruction.

Showing sincere personal interest and proven experience in developing relationships is just as important for a coach as the knowledge of our beautiful worldwide game. I guarantee it will be an enjoyable experience working with me for you, or your children.

As an athlete and lover of sport, I've played socially and competitively across a number of different sports. In primary school and early years of high school I captained the Soccer team, but did change between sports representing the school in Cross Country, Cricket, Touch Football, Basketball, AFL and Tennis. I later moved to Sydney for a number of years, and continued with football (soccer) as my primary sport and passion, playing both in outdoor and indoor (futsal) league teams each week.

While recovering from a lower back sciatica injury, I began the journey of learning Spanish as a second language immersing myself into the community and studies to keep my mind active as sport was always my outlet. After recovery, I began training and playing primarily within a Latin football team / environment. Being a natural left foot player, with an attacking / goal assist mindset, Harry Kewell was always one of my favourite players who I would study and analyse in videos, as well as Lionel Messi. I quickly became known as 'El Kanguro' (The Kangaroo) amongst the Latin coaches and teammates.

I love keeping fit, love the outdoors with fishing and Kayaking being some of the other passions outside of sport.

All elements of skill development and game strategy are interwoven and tailored to the individual/s in each session:

- fitness / stretching

- passing

- receiving

- shooting

- heading

- body movement

- developing skills with non-natural kicking foot

- goalkeeping (sweeper, distribution, positional awareness, angles)

- field positional play / linkage with team members / seeing the field / through balls

- equipment selection

I work at developing athletes in being able to play multiple field positions / roles if it aligns with their goals, which provides their team coach with flexibility increasing the chances of being a regular starter.

There are also elements of transferable knowledge that can be applied in other areas of life be it sport / work:

- sports fitness and general health

- teamwork / communication / relationship building

- confidence / sport psychology / behaviour

- injury prevention / management

- handling mistakes / errors in a competitive environment

I've played in Australia, as well as both the UK and Central America for a short time, and I've studied for decades the different styles, techniques, formations, and continue to be a student of the game watching local and professional games every week. This means that I have an eye for detail that compliments the desire to see all who I coach


Football (Soccer) Adrian T.

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