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Fast bowling and Medium pace

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Currently a qualified level 3 High-Performance Coach. Have been the bowling coach at Mosman Cricket club for the past 4 seasons. I was the bowling coach at Sydney Cricket Club for 2 years previous to that. I also do quite a bit of coaching through our player's association as well as Cricket NSW.

Represented Australia on the 1993 Ashes tour, represented NSW from 1989 -1987. I played in 5 Sheffield Shield Finals winning three. I took over 200 first-class wickets as well as 500 wickets for Bankstown in First Grade.

All of my sessions vary depending on the age and requirements of the client. I do a lot of technical work coupled with skill based drills. I also video the athlete and send them feedback and videos based on the session. I also give them small drill and things to work on before the next session. All of the above sessions depend on the age and skill level of the athlete as well as any specific requirements they may have. I also try to have the Athlete leave with a sense of achievement.


Cricket Wayne H.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Dianne L.


    Outstanding Coach!

  2. Dianne L.


    Highly Recommended

  3. Allan E.

    Hugh M.

    Amazing Coach! Great Training Sessions

    Coach Wayne is definitely one of the best choices for players who really want to improve their overall skills and even mentality. His experience with cricket makes him able to coach any level of players. And he is a super nice guy! He is strict when it comes to details of your body movement and footwork but you are always welcome to discuss your needs. Moreover, he is very concerned of his players so whatever goals or questions you have in mind just ask him. If you really want to improve, don’t miss Coach Wayne!

  4. Ian C.


    Cracker’s credentials speak for themselves but a coach needs to be able to identify a problem, propose a solution to rectify and be able communicate both to the pupil. Wayne was able to identify my son’s issues early in the first training session and develop exercises a rectify them. Wayne was always encouraging during the sessions and, as noted in my previous posts, my son gained a lot from them. He will be back again later in the season to work with this wonderful coach.

  5. Ian C.


    Wonderful coach and training sessions!

  6. Ian C.


    Exceptional training sessions. Really taking things to the next level.

  7. Domenic C.


    Coach Wayne is awesome! He had a very nice variety of skills and drills he focused on with my son during the sessions. He kept my son’s attention and engagement and provided very useful feedback with suggestions of things to work on. Amazing coach and really pin-points areas to work on quickly.

  8. Wally B.


    Coach Waynes work with our son has been second to none. He provides our son with not only new skills but also a real boost in our son’s confidence in his own play. Wayne keeps our son busy and in motion the entire session and is enormously positive. Our son looks forward to every lesson. He has re-ignited our son’s passion for bowling again. He hasn’t been this engaged in the bowling for some time now so it has been great to see him just going down to the nets to work on what Wayne has taught him. Great Coach!