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Batting against spin, technical aspects of batting and mind control during pressure situations.

More About Me

2 years of coaching experience to add to 6 years of playing professional cricket. I'm a level 1 Cricket Australia certified coach and specialise in coaching aspiring cricketers of all ages. Having grown up playing cricket at a professional level in the subcontinent (India), my primary goal is to help junior cricketers develop the skills to become better players. Currently representing Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club in the premier first XI and coaching the under 12 squad of Camberwell Magpies cricket club. I am fairly flexible with my hours and location.

Six years of professional 'State' cricket in the subcontinent of India. Currently moved to Melbourne to play cricket for Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club in the Victorian Premier League and to pursue my education in Sports Management.

A skill development program specifically designed for each athlete. Analysing the current level of skill and setting an achievable goal by the end of a certain period.

Accordingly, the sessions will start with an efficient warm up leading into skill based drills

(Example: Working on one shot for a longer duration, foot alignment drills for batsmen).

Ending the session with a fun game- focusing on sharpening the mind and reflexes followed by stretches.


Cricket Rishab G.

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