Batting drills

More About Me

I have coached at professional sports arena for 2018-19 year and two seasons of a u-16 cricket team.

I have worked at West Richmond Primary school

I have completed cricket community coach level

Played and won Bangalore u-16 and u-19 school cricket tournament .

Represented Bangalore U-16 and U-19 for the year 2006-07,2008,2009 and 2010-11

• Winner of U-16 cricket tournament for Bangalore 2008.

• 2nd Runner up of Cricket U’19 for Bangalore region in the year 2010-11.

In my tenure for Epsilon, I played for one year .2017-2018.•

Playing games and keeping the players active for the whole session should be an achievable goal. My training session should mirror some game like behaviour where players are making decisions just as they would in a game.I try to design each activities where there is an objective achieved at the end of each activity and instead of providing the solutions to them for the problem ,i try to let them find the solutions .It reflects the game match scenario where a player has to tackle the situation by himself.It helps in decision making .

I have been a bowler my self .So i don't mind taking one on one sessions for the spinners as well.

With the small kids it's all about keeping them engaged in the game.Teaching them the basics in a fun way.Most important thing for small kids is to let them enjoy the game


Cricket Rahul R.

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