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Opening BatsmanMiddle Order BatsmanBowling - All styles

More About Me

Coached cricket/footbɑll/basketbɑll for Big 5 Sports at various schools in Victoria

Studied Bachelor of Sports Coaching at Victoria University (Looked at theoretical and practical side of coaching)

Coached Cricket and Footbɑll at Melbourne Grammar School

Coached Footbɑll at Camberwell Grammar School

Coaching Director at DFS

Club Champion award - Cricket

Batting Award - Cricket

Representative trial squad - Junior cricket

Year 12 - Tennis team (2nd seed)

Year 12 - Cricket team (Opening Batsman)

Playing Turf cricket

Warm-Up = Dynamic exercises and small skill work

Testing - to develop an understanding for athletes abilities/skill level

skill drills - to develop technical/physical/mental abilities of athlete - Try to implement in some sort of game

Cool down/overview


Cricket Michael T.

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